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Largo Winch - Volume 16 - 20 seconds

jeudi 13 juin 2019, par Sequencity

20 seconds

Largo Winch - Volume 16 - 20 seconds

Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq


20 seconds to tell the difference between friend and enemy, tochoose between life and death.Poor Largo is beside himself with worry. The lovely Saidee, with whom he’s fallen madly in love, hasvanished. In fact, she’s being held prisoner by a CIA agent who’d forced her to infiltrate a fundamentalistnetwork hell-bent on blowing Winch up – but which is actually being manipulated by a Russianbusinessman… Phew. Nothing is ever simple with Largo ! How is he supposed to save his love, keep hisgroup going – while also staying alive, if at all possible ?

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