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lundi 20 octobre 2014

What is it?

Metrophix is an open-source PHP system for managing webcomic sites which is released under the GPL (version 2).

What does it do?

Some of Metrophix’s currently-implemented features are:
Scheduled updating, allowing you to upload comics before an absence which will be released at predefined times.
Several instances may be installed simultaneously, allowing for multiple simultaneous comics.
Comics may be divided into individual panels
Comics can be titled and separated into individual chapters
Several comics can be shown per day
Comics may be read by comic, day, week, or month at a time
News posts for any number of authors/administrators
Support for rich media: primarily Flash, but also MPEG Audio/Video, MP4 Audio/Video, Quicktime, AVI, 3GPP (serial cell phone webcomics!), Java and Javascript, and VRML. If you can find a use for any of those beyond Flash, more power to you.
Comic image locations are hidden, preventing people from guessing what the next comic’s filename is and “peeking” ahead if comics are uploaded in advance. Depending on your web server configuration, comic images may not even be in a web-accessible directory!
A variety of actions can be taken for those loading the comic image directly or from an off-site script: either nothing can be done, the comic will be denied, a placeholder comic can be shown instead, or the comic can be sent with an ad attached to the image.
Searchable metadata can be assigned to each comic (or panel), including description, dialogue, characters, and location.
Customizable, automatically-generated feeds for RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0, and Google Sitemaps.
Full handling of advertisements with limited, non-privacy-invading tracking of views and clicks
Appearance can be highly customized with CSS
Additional CSS files sent depending on client browser (so extra stylesheets can fix IE’s broken rendering or Firefox’s foibles)
Multiple CSS profiles can be enabled, allowing visitors to choose which “skin” to view the site in.
Multiple language support—publish web sites and comics in several different languages simultaneously
Just for the heck of it, WAP support is included for mobile phones. It looks uglier than anything imaginable by the human mind, but it’s there.

Some of the features planned for future versions of Metrophix are:
Unnecessary to have a MySQL database—uses only a flat file structure (some features won’t work, however)
Access stats
Customizable page caching for faster response times
Apollo- (or Silverlight-)based storyboarding tool (based on ComicsML) for brainstorming and collaboration between several author-artists.
Automatic metadata parsing from ComicsML files or entries
Conversely, automatic ComicsML generation from metadata
Automatic referral to the Nobel Prize committee
Translation of comics into ASCIIlicious renderings for people browsing with Lynx.

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