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lundi 20 octobre 2014

File Description
Not a few gamers are also fond of reading comic books and manga. And homebrew developer Yodajr’s entry in Neo Spring Coding Contest, known as Manga2PSP, was made specifically for that group.

Anyway, Manga2PSP is only compatible with CBZ and ZIP format with PNG files. If you have files not in those format, Yodajr suggested that you may use the similar application PSPComic as it offers a wider compatibility feature. But why would one revert back to Manga2PSP if the file has already been opened with PSPComic?

Good question but there’s a perfectly good answer to that. Yodajr’s comic reader allows you to listen to MP3 songs while browsing/reading manga and that’s something the other application doesn’t have. Here are the program’s other features:

* Can read CBZ or ZIP files, with PNG files at 512px width (not bigger, not smaller)
* Can save a screenshot
* Can save a bookmark
* Have a smooth scrolling
* Have a double page mode
* Have pre-caching of next image
* Can listen your MP3
* Have 2 profile for keys
* Have a light eboot (only 600Ko) and have a nice interface

Mnga2PSP comes with a comprehensive Readme.txt file containing installation guide and developer notes on how to use the program’s Double Page mode. Browse through that file first to enjoy this application to the fullest. Yodajr also wishes to add that his project was created using Brunni’s OSLib.

Voir en ligne : web site

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