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Comics Reader (Lecteur de BD)

mardi 21 octobre 2014

A lightweight open source comics reader for Android under GPLv3 license.

Lecteur de BD

Features :

Open source software under GPLv3 license
Optimized for Android tablets
Comics browser with thumbnails
Bookmarks manager to download albums from remote sites
Allows to download remote files using a proposed PHP script
Support CBZ, CBR (official unrar dll), CBT and folders with images (JPEG, PNG and GIF)
Fast pages switcher with pages previews
Compatible with all screens resolutions
Several resize modes (screen width, screen height, both, 100%, 50%, 25%)
Right to left reading direction settings
Double pages mode
Next and previous pages auto preloading if enough free memory
Supports 16 and 32 bits rendering
Fling gesture to change page with smooth transition
Fullscreen mode for devices with physical buttons, for Cyanogen Mod and Android 4.4+ (immersive mode)
Bidirectional scrolling if page larger than screen
Touchscreen, keyboard, DPad and mouse support
Android 1.6+ required
Remember last album and page
Support both portrait and landscape orientation
Can be used to open application/x-cbz, application/x-cbr, application/x-cbt, image/jpeg, image/png and image/gif from any file manager
Tested with huge images up to 1920x2643
Use lower quality images (resolution is decreased) if any out of memory exception occurs
Available in English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Galician, Polish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese (a big thanks to ultrapeer, Zufre, Kathjal, Shark103, Xesusmosquera, Evropi, Anonymous and Marcelo Ghelman, any translators are welcome to contribute ^^)
Supports ARMv7, ARMv5, x86 and MIPS natively
Auto-roration and natural sorting order implemented by Jules Blok
Partnership with BDZ Mag (http://www.bdzmag.com/) and download “Pirate ta BD !” comics from bookmarks

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